Brand Stories

The original meaning of Kurotaki Tarou was brown sugar falls"
We traveled southward from Hangzhou to find the taste of Taiwan
A simple piece of brown sugar, is the beginning of our story
Like the mellow and exquisite flavor which turns from bitterness to sweetness of brown sugar of Taiwan
Reproducing the flavor of the original ecology of the ancient technology
Like the present-extraction tea soup
Rekindle people's enthusiasm for drinking tea in a homespun way
We're trying to integrate the two
So in the sweetness of brown sugar
Met the real and pure Kurotaki Tarou Enjoy the fashion of brown sugar, taste the flavor of present-extraction tea
Returning to triviality and nature
Savoring the perfect sweetness

Brand Concept

Beginning with the fragrant and sweet brown sugar of Taiwan
Indulging in the unique charm of present-extraction tea soup
Kurotaki Tarou breaks the routine and introduces the concept of brown sugar
Taking brown-sugar series drinks as the main brand
Sweeping the country in a black fashion

Brand Positioning

Kurotaki Tarou, a new generation of fashion about brown sugar present-extraction tea drink of Taiwan
Inheriting ancient sugar-making technology and integrating the trend of extractive elements
Adhere to the principle of parallel development of healthy and delicious
Devote to creating the micro-high-end brand of fashion tea in urban
Take "firm black" as the main color for the design of store image
The inheritance and breakthrough of the tea drinking culture showed its originality
In the form of modern minimalism

Brand Periphery

Take brand mascot taki as the element
Attached to brand derivatives
Presenting a kind of interesting visual focus
Letting people feel the diversity of Kurotaki Tarou
Giving a deep sensory memory

Brand Image

There are multiple choices for brand image

1-Standard stores
2-Malls stores
3- Street stores
4- Walking Street stores
5-School stores
6-Residential Community stores
7-Gourmet stores

Use firm black element for large area of space
Get rid of superfluous shapes and decorations
To extend out a broader visual space
And to create an elegant, comfortable and extravagant experience
Landscape painting of West Lake as the decoration running through the whole space
Intertwined with the wood closest to the texture
By the two kinds of texture of roughness and exquisiteness
Modern minimalist aesthetics with rich layers is showed


New series

Green Tea pine
nut Cheese Cream

Golden Phoenix Oolong
tea Cheese Cream

Brown Sugar
Cheese Cream

Bubble Brown
Sugar ice

Oolong Tea

Best-selling series

Pearl Milk Tea

Matcha Pearl Milk Tea

Fruit Tea

Mango Coconut Sago

Classic series

Brown Sugar Konjak
Milk Tea

Oranges Lemon Tea

Kumquat Lemon Tea

Bubble Oolong Milk Tea

Grapefruit Tea



Brown Sugar Tea Drink Brand

Brown sugar and present-extraction, the trend of the tea drink, adhere to the parallel development of healthy and delicious.


Strong Development Context

Originated from Taiwan, popular in Hangzhou, and extend to the global world, there are traces of success to follow.


Superior Service Support

A chain brand of tea drink with all kinds of specialized assistant guidance and resources before, during, and after the opening of theaore.


The Best Alliance Mode

Perfect alliance mechanism to help business partners to become successful entrepreneurs, adding business value of chain tea drinks reasonably.

Operational Support

1- Assist in Site Selection

(Experienced locators find store locations for franchisees, analyze business areas, measure passenger flow, and give location advice. )

2-Start-up Guide

(Professional on-the-spot supervision will be provided to guide the practice, including publicity, materials, staff training, event planning, etc.).

3-Whole Store Output

(The supervisor will assist franchisee's new store preparation in the whole process to help franchisee reduce detours and save operating costs).

4-Product Updates

(The headquarter invests heavily in product research and development every year, changes the product menu regularly, updates the new products every quarter, to guarantee that the franchise stores have no off-season sales).

5-Store Image And Packaging Regularly Upgraded

(The company is equipped with brand design team, constantly upgrade store image, product packaging, etc. according to the market feedback ).

6- Uniform Distribution of Materials

(The raw material of the product is produced and sold by oneself, there are more than 1000 logistics routes in the whole country, so guarantee that the raw material must be arrived at every store in time).

7-Free Training

( There is a training base in the company, where free 10-day franchisee training could be provided, and a certificate of completion will be issued after passing the examination ).

8-Free Design

(The company's brand design team provides free one-on-one design according to the specific size of the stores in the cities and business circles where the stores belong to).


Hangzhou Duoke Biotechnology Chain Co., Ltd., a strategic subsidiary of Boduo Group, was established in March 2013. It has 5 restaurant chain brands, and the direct and cooperative stores have reached more than 4500 up to now.

The headquarter Boduo Group was established in 2000, is a comprehensive group intergrating with raw material source production, brand consulting management, direct store system construction and raw material terminal consumption in China. The group has a number of chain brands, and has developed more than 10000 stores for 19 years.

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